Parent’s Guild

The purpose of the Parents’ Guild is to strengthen and enhance the educational and social environment of Our Lady of Lourdes School. We encourage communication between our parents, teachers, the Principal, and the Development Committee. We work to provide our School community with the opportunities to socialize, learn, communicate, and grow.

Every parent or guardian of an Our Lady of Lourdes Student is a member of the Guild and is the place to go to know what’s happening! Our meetings provide a forum to communicate with other parents as well as the Principal and the Development Committee. It also provides an opportunity to educate parents on the “behind the scenes” activities when trying to plan events for our students and families as well as review any updates from our Principal and/or Development Committee.

The Guild sponsors after school events as well as in-school enrichment projects.

Your attendance at our events and your donations allow us to purchase supplies which enhance our children’s learning experience. As a result of the Parent’s Guild, we have been able to purchase:

  • recess equipment
  • air-conditioners for each classroom
  • a digital camera for teachers’ in-school use
  • gift cards for teachers to purchase classroom supplies
  • recognition luncheon for the teachers and staff to celebrate Teacher’s Day

Plans are in the works for some exciting activities. We appreciate the opportunity to work together with you to achieve our goal of making Our Lady of Lourdes a special place for our children and their families.

Please feel free to send in your questions, concerns, or ideas at