What makes Our Lady of Lourdes Special?

A Holistic Education

Our students grow and prosper spiritually, academically, emotionally and socially.

We teach respect for the dignity of every person solely because they are a child of God, not because of anything they do, have or profess.

By infusing religion throughout the curriculum, we help our students become well-rounded individuals who contribute to society in a variety of ways. In addition to core classes, our schools offer a wide range of subjects, including technology, visual and performing arts, religion and more. Learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. OLOL offers a variety of clubs, sports, and activities that students are encouraged to participate in.

Academic Rigor

A Catholic education for the modern world

Our Lady of Lourdes has a demanding educational culture that helps students from across the academic spectrum reach their God-given potential.

We follow learning outcomes that have been established by committees of expert teachers and reviewed by the Catholic Schools Office. You can read all of the learning outcomes here. We are also accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

Integrating Technology

Technology is increasingly important in our classrooms and our world. We work hard to ensure that our students have access to the technology they need to be prepared for college and beyond. During the 2017- 18 school year Our Lady of Lourdes took part in the Catholic Schools Alliance WiFi Initiative.  The CSA is investing $800,000 to equip schools with state-of-the-art WiFi infrastructure that will allow students to fully utilize the technology in their school. This project is made possible by the generosity of a donor and Federal E-Rate funding.

Centered in Christ

The Catholic faith undergirds everything that we do in our schools and community.

Our Lady of Lourdes provides a faith-based education in which students build and deepen their relationship with Christ and learn about Catholic principles, values and traditions.

Our goal is not only to impart knowledge of our faith, but more importantly to provide students an opportunity to experience the living faith. Prayer is an important component of school life. Students start each day with prayer and when students or the school community faces difficulties we gather together to pray.

The blessing of a Catholic classroom is that students can have open, honest conversations about their faith. They can talk about how their faith enlightens how they view history, science, and literature. When they question their faith staff members are there to help them find the answers they seek and to walk with them on their journey.

We are Catholic in that we teach and live the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Just as importantly we are catholic meaning universal. We welcome students and families from all faith backgrounds who desire an excellent education and to participate fully in the life of our schools.

Family Environment

Where every student feels safe, welcomed and loved

Our Lady of Lourdes offers an intimate environment where students feel safe, welcomed and loved — and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Our students are engaged with each other, their teachers and their classwork. They learn to authentically love by helping other members of their school and caring for needs above their own, just as in a family.

Through our buddy program an upper grade student is paired with a lower grade student. The pairs go to Mass together, work on projects together, do fun holiday crafts, and grow in friendship. The buddy program teaches older students about the responsibility of caring for someone younger and gives the younger student a sense of comfort knowing that another student is looking out for them.

Financial Accessibility

Striving to put a Catholic education within every family’s reach

We recognize that choosing a Catholic Education means making financial sacrifices for many families. Through the generosity of donors we work with the Foundation to Advance Catholic Education (FACE) to make affording a Catholic Education feasible for any family who desires one.

Please don’t let tuition be the reason your student does not receive a Catholic Education!

Learn more about available financial aid here.

Service and Values

Fostering a love of learning, others and oneself

Through activities both inside and outside of the classroom, our schools cultivate a lifelong commitment to serving others, particularly the less fortunate among us. Through service, students learn empathy, kindness, respect for others and oneself, the ability to distinguish right from wrong and how to practice values that help them lead good lives and become a positive force in the world.

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