Welcome to the OLOL Middle School

A few words from our Principal, Mary Turner:

Thank you for entrusting OLOL with your students as we are privileged to have them learn and grow with us through this unique period of time for education. We are confident that they will continue to find the middle school program challenging, enriching, and an excellent preparation for their transition to high school and beyond.

Our Middle School staff brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and passion for teaching middle school students. We want to assure you that they are committed to providing the rigorous and rewarding middle school curriculum you can expect from a Catholic middle school program.

Finally, I want to ask for your prayers and patience as we continue on this journey together. Pope Francis has said, “May we be sustained by the conviction that education bears within itself a seed of hope: the hope of peace and justice; the hope of beauty and goodness; the hope of social harmony.”

The past few years have been some of the most challenging times in many years but it is our faith in God and in each other that bring us solace.  We are so excited for this upcoming year and know that your middle school student will be challenged, encouraged, but most of all, loved and cherished for who they are as a child of God.

Have Faith in Your Child’s Future!

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