School Happenings

Learn about the exciting things happening in the classroom!

  • Pre K

    January Activities

    We learned about the winter weather and made various crafts including: snow globes, mittens, and hats.
    We made cardinal handprints for our handprint of the month.
    We celebrated Catholic Schools Week!
    We began learning how to write our names.
    We made jelly fish during out study of the letter J.
    We used finger paint to paint mittens.
    We began learning how to recite the Hail Mary and The Pledge of Allegiance during our morning Circle Time.
    We learned about rectangles and the color green.

    Books We Loved

    The Greatest Snowman in the World
    Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups
    The Snowy Day
    Footprints in the Snow

    Ask Me

    Ask me who I play with.
    Ask me to write my name.
    Ask me to sing the Alphabet or Days of the Week Song.

    Upcoming Activities/Events for February:

    We will celebrate Valentine’s Day.
    We will continue learning a new letter and number each week.
    The color of the month will be pink and the shape of the month will be a heart.

  • Kindergarten 

    January Happenings:


    The children learned about God with family and friends, about how God chose Mary, and gave us Jesus.
    In Math, they learned to identify, write, compare, and order numbers 11 through 31, estimating groups, number games, table graphs, fractions, tally marks and charts, pictographs, surveys, real graphs, bar graphs, and equal parts.

    Social Studies

    The students learned about Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, and how life today is different from life back then.


    The children learned about how animals and people grow and change, and observed and measured melting snow. The children also did an iceberg experiment. Observing items that would sink or float.


    They learned the letters Rr, Dd, Ff, and Oo, sequencing of events, comparing and contrasting items, reading and writing sentences and new sight words.

    Looking to February

    The children will be participating in special activities during Catholic Schools week. They will be celebrating Groundhog Day with a special project and will be having a Valentine’s Day party in the classroom. And the students will learn about past presidents and our current president.

  • Grade 1


    December, grade 1 focused on studying Christmas Around the World. We visited many different countries and studied the traditions for each countries. Mexico, Canada, Australia, France, Germany to name a few. We found that most countries have similar traditions as the United States. We made travel bags which included a passport stamp for each country that we visited and a souvenir from that country. This is always a hit! The students loved this project.

    We studied the birth of Jesus and that Jesus is the reason for the season.

    We had our Christmas concert where they performed for their families. They did a great job singing. They sounded wonderful!

    Returning from Christmas break, we talked about the Epiphany which occurs on January 6th. The day the Wisemen bring gifts and visits the Christ child. We are now discussing Ordinary time in Religion.

    The focus in January is Penguins. We have been reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins in class and culminating with a diorama project on the story. The children have enjoyed listening to this story.

    We are learning about syllables, y as a vowel and working as a community in reading. They are writing everyday in their morning journal. They are making up word problems in math and solving them. They have read them to their classmates. We are working on math facts daily as well as math centers. The focus this month in math is graphs/data, and we will continue working on problem solving.


    February is a big month in grade 1. We will soon celebrate the 100th day of school. More info to follow. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, and of course Valentine’s Day.

  • Grade 2

    January Happenings

    Happy New Year! Second Graders started this wonderful new year reflecting on the concept of a personal resolution of change in 2018. We read the story Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller to begin our reflection. The children then wrote about their own personal resolution and have been working hard on it each day.

    The children learned how to research and find information in Science class. They researched facts about an animal they were interested in and wrote a report. They created that animal’s habitat in a shoebox in class and shared their research and diorama with their classmates. The Second Graders organized a school wide collection of much needed supplies for the Taunton Animal Shelter in honor of their study of animals. It was a huge success and we were able to collect so much for the shelter.

    They learned many things about Martin Luther King Jr. as well. We read many books about this courageous man and the children wrote about a change they’d like to see in the world. Combining Social Studies and Language Arts, we read a biography about George Washington Carver and his contribution to agriculture and his commitment to experimentation and creative ideas. The children have also begun writing weekly book reports as a homework assignment in Reading class. Thank you for your support with this assignment.

    Second Graders have worked hard on two digit subtraction in the area of Mathematics. We will continue to explore a variety of creative Mathematical strategies in the solution of word problems as well. In the month of February, we will study addition and subtraction of 3 and 4 digit numbers.

    The students are studying the parts of the Mass in Religion class. Several Second Graders offered to participate in the Catholic Schools Week Mass. Students offered to bring up the gifts and students were readers during the Mass as well. I’m so proud of their commitment and effort as they prepare themselves to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist this Spring.

    We will be honoring St. Valentine’s Day in February. The students will be decorating a mailbox in class and are welcome to pass out Valentine’s to their classmates. Please send your child to school with some items that they could use to decorate a shoebox “mailbox” on or before February 14. Items like stickers, foam hearts, ribbons and doilies would be wonderful.

  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4

    January Happenings


    We learned about the Sixth and Seventh Commandments. We learned what it means to be a “peacemaker”. We wrote essays explaining how we show respect for the members of our school community.


    We evaluated numerical expressions using the “order of operations”, found the mean of number sets, divided 2,3, and 4 digit money and whole number amounts by 1 digit. Solved word problems using “interpret the remainder” strategy .

    Social Studies

    We read about the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. in “Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.?” We completed our research on our Northeastern state, and are ready to create our posters! Be sure to check the schools website for pictures of them. They will be completed the middle of the month.


    We read Tall Tales and Expository Text. Learned cause & effect. We wrote essays about showing members of our school community respect. We learned the difference between good and well.

    Looking Ahead

    In February, we will be celebrating Black history Month. We will learn about Harriet Tubman and other heroes of Black history.  We will measure length to the nearest inch, half inch and quarter inch, rename customary units of length, add and subtract customary units of length, explore customary units of capacity, rename and compare customary units of weight.

  • Grade 5

    January Happenings


    The children have completed the second unit is our religion text. They have studied and learned about the Sacraments of Initiation and how the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit strengthen us as children of God.


    January has opened the door to FRACTIONS! The children have learned all the ins and outs of adding and subtracting fractions with all the possible scenarios. We will be easing into multiplication and division next.

    Strengthening our math facts remains very important and the children are quizzed regularly.


    Invertebrates have been the topic of discussion in Science. The children have enjoyed learning about how many different types animals there actually are without backbones ~ 97% of animals to be exact!!!

    Social Studies

    The children remain up to date with current events through their Scholastic News magazines. They are made aware of the happenings in their world in a very age appropriate manner.

    In Geography, they are studying the continent of South America. Each student is researching a country and will be presenting the information to their classmates.


    The words focused on ~
    ~ words with `schwa` sound
    ~ compound words
    ~ consonant sounds /j/, /ks/, /sk/, /s/


    Unit 3 in the Grammar workbook focuses on verbs. This works together nicely with the conventions covered in Reading Street.


    The genre’s covered in our reading series included
    ~ drama
    ~ biography
    ~ expository text

    Text-based Comprehension focused on
    ~ sequencing
    ~ summarizing
    ~ main idea and details
    ~ visualization
    ~ fact and opinion
    ~ predicting and setting purpose

    We also completed our read aloud ~ Island of the Blue Dolphins and have begun Wonder